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must call now. >> hi, i'm lisa gleave, and i want to see you at our next event. when you order tonight, you'll receive a personal invitation to come hang out with me and the girls at an upcoming benchwarmer party. ♪ >> i'm laura cannon. if you just tuned in, you've already missed the behind-the-scenes footage from the benchwarmer photo shoot. but don't worry, there's still lots more to come here on benchwarmer tv. ♪ >> it's great to have benchwarmer cards, because they're a lot of fun to give to people. i have done so many benchwarmer cards, i honestly can't tell you how many there are. i would say probably around 20. >> well, the shoot today was short and sweet and to the point. did about five different outfits, lots of cute stuff, and, of course, the benchwarmer top. got to love those. >> i'm enjoying my photo shoot today because it's quick, it's all different types of outfits, and, you know, you have like some of the best ranges of clothes here. so, i've been meaning to do the shoot for a very long time now. so it's good now that i'm finally doing benchwarmer. >> collecting trad
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1